Volvo heralds new era with Concept Recharge as electric future becomes reality


Volvo Cars has lifted the veil on its Concept Recharge, a concept vehicle with a completely flat floor that showcases the direction the Swedish automaker is moving in with its electric vehicles. According to Volvo, the Concept Recharge is a manifesto for the next generation of all-electric Volvos. The Concept Recharge pays homage to the Scandinavian design ethos of 'less but better', where the internal combustion engine has been removed, and the proportions have been adjusted to create a bigger interior.

Volvo says that by removing the engine and replacing it with a full battery pack under the flat floor, the designers have extended the wheelbase and the wheel size of the car. The result is shorter overhangs and a lot more interior space, including a large storage area between the front seats.

The Concept Recharge also introduces a new Volvo design language. Continuing the theme of 'less but better', all unnecessary elements have been removed, and what remains is treated with a "high-precision, flush execution."

The traditional grille has been replaced with a shield-like structure, supported by a new interpretation of Volvo's Thor's Hammer headlight design. These include the latest HD technology-enabled pure graphic, which opens at night to reveal the main lamp units. Signature vertical rear lamps connect to the brand's strong design heritage but are reimagined with a set of wings that extend at higher cruising speeds to improve overall aerodynamics further.

Robin Page, head of design at Volvo Cars, said: "Our Concept Recharge represents a manifesto for the all-electric future of Volvo Cars, as well as a new type of vehicle. It displays new and modern proportions that go hand-in-hand with increased versatility and shows what technology can enable in terms of design.

"With the Concept Recharge, we continue the rich roots of Volvo's design DNA in a modern and fresh way as we move into our all-electric future. It represents everything we believe customers expect from a pure electric Volvo and we're excited to take this philosophy into our next generation of cars."

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