Rola Volvo Cars takes care of you every step of the way so that you can enjoy no-hassle charging at home with your Volvo BEV or Plug-In Hybrid.

There are three main methods available to give you the best in mobility:

  • Home Charging (GARO GLB-Wallbox)
GARO is a world-leading Swedish manufacturer of EV charging systems and the nominated partner of all Rola Volvo electric vehicles.

This stationary wallbox is the fastest way to charge at home. Simply plug your vehicle in overnight, and it will be ready to roll in the morning.

These are available for purchase at Rola Volvo Cars Somerset West but are also included with certain models. You just need to have it installed at your home, for which, we will refer you to our preferred installers.

  • Normal Wall Plug (220V)
As a secondary method, you can conveniently charge your Volvo EV while away at your destination by simply using a standard 3-prong wall socket.

Your new Volvo EV or plug-in hybrid includes a mobile 7-metre (10A) cable, but additional cables are also available for purchase from Rola Volvo Cars Somerset West.

  • Public Charging
Public charging stations are usually found in shopping centres, parking areas, and along major routes. These stations offer various charging speeds, from slow to rapid, allowing you to top up your Volvo EV's battery while you're out and about. These come in two main types:

  • Uses a type 2 to type 2 cable
  • Slower than DC, but faster than from a wall socket
  • Fastest way of charging
  • Compatible with all Volvo Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs)
  • NOTE : Charging time and speed will vary depending on the method and specific model of your Volvo.

There's an expanding network of public charging stations across South Africa, which you can locate best using the following methods:

1.GridCars The introduction of various platforms - dedicated to navigating EV charging stations - is a welcome addition to an electric lifestyle.

Volvo Cars SA has officially partnered with GridCars, a top-performing platform, collaborating to create the best compatibility for any of your Volvo charging needs.

Why GridCars?
  • The biggest network in SA with over 350 charge points
  • Live availability of charging points
  • Charger variations available at selected location
  • Current cost per KWh
  • ChargePocket membership works on a prepaid basis and allows you to manage transactions directly from your account

Steps to Register

How to Charge
  • Plug in your car
  • Scan QR code, tap your ChargePocket card, or activate charge remotely from your ChargePocket app

For any charging station queries, contact GridCars support on

NOTE : Not all public charge stations are administrated by GridCars.

2.Volvo’s Built-In Google Maps

In addition to being an award-winning, in-car infotainment and connectivity solution, Volvo’s built-in Google Maps platform can find your closest charging station and will automatically plan your route.

This will take into account your battery status, include charging stops where necessary, and even calculate needed charging time into your ETA.

It’s as easy as saying “Hey Google”.

DISCLAIMER: Charging times and availability of charging infrastructure may vary. Always refer to your vehicle's manual for charging instructions and seek professional advice for home charging setups.

If you have any questions, please ask your Rola Volvo Cars sales executive for more information.

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