Letter from our DP

Dear Valued Client

I would like to share a story with you.

My father Denis Chapman will be retiring at the end of this month, December 2023 as the longest standing Volvo employee (Dealer Principal) at 29 ½ of the 30 years that the brand has been back in South Africa. I am now 41 years of age, which means 75% of my life has been spent in and around the brand and the values it represents. Growing up I was reminded about the emotional value in a vehicle and how the Volvo brand has one of the highest in the market because the owners LOVE their vehicles.

Through my father’s approach, I learnt that we carry a responsibility to protect and reinforce that love our clients have for their cars. We need to ensure the quality of the experience in our dealership matches the quality our clients find in our vehicles. For this reason, he always placed a focus on people, personalisation, attention to detail, commitment, and trust.

Fast forward to 2015 where Rola Volvo Cars Somerset-West was opened by Rob Frewen who, having spent over 30 years in the industry, understood the value of customer service and building a business on passion. Together with the rest of the management team, we grew phenomenally due to our attention to customer service and the positive word of mouth that spread the way it did. In October of 2022, Rob retired and handed me the baton to continue to protect the Rola Volvo Cars brand and serve our customers with integrity.

This brings me to 2023 and what a year it was. There are two words that define 2023 for us and they are “variables” and “tenacity”. We experienced significant changes early in the year that had a major impact on the service department and the quality of service we were able to provide. This together with external economic factors created an environment that needed change.

Instead of accepting the situation, we went about owning the role and making the choice to control our environment. This brought about a focus on having the right person, in the right seat, on the right bus. Who was the best fit for the role and what was the most efficient and effective process that could be employed to be as consistent as possible.

While it was an incredibly challenging year, where we got a lot of things wrong, it was a year where a lot of the right things were put into place which has allowed for a strong foundation for 2024, that will enable us to grow and evolve in the same manner the Volvo brand has.

We are headed in the right direction and while the progress at times is slow, it’s still a move in the right direction and 2024 will see a continuation of that focus on the Company culture, processes, consistency and creating an environment that brings ownership in the team to serve with integrity.

I believe that with the correct individuals, contributing responsibly and positively to an accountable environment, you can create a customer experience that is memorable, reliable, and consistent.

We may not get it right every time, but we do try, and we remain committed to you. In closing, I would like to wish all our special clients every blessing and success for the year ahead.

I would say, “please be safe”… But you already drive a Volvo.

Best wishes,

Ryan Chapman
Dealer Principal
Rola Volvo Cars


Dealer Principal

With his aforementioned family history of the brand, Ryan’s passion as a leader involves seeing his team develop and grow; the passion and ownership it brings, and the impact that it has on the dealership culture and customer experience as a whole.

Becoming Dealer Principal in 2022 allowed him to nurture his love for the Volvo brand and play a pivotal role in its successes and growth.
Service Manager

As the newest member of the Rola Volvo Cars family, Lyzette is flourishing in her new role, looking to learn and expand her repertoire, as well as bring a refreshing and positive contribution to the team.

After a dedicated week of customer commitment, Lyzette loves to unwind at home in Dwarskersbos, pottering in the garden, reading, or experimenting in the kitchen.
F&I Manager

Our literal award-winning Finance and Insurance Manager has been with the Rola Motor Group for 10 successful years. With her professional goal of exceeding the expectations of her customers and team members, it’s no wonder she received the Rola Business Manager of the Year for both 2021 and 2022.

As a dedicated business manager and proud mother of two, Tanya is a vital asset to the Rola Motor Group family.
Brand Manager

After being with Rola Volvo for 6 years, Willem has grown from strength to strength. Starting as a sales cadet, the rest of which is now history.

His professional goal is to make a difference in people’s lives – both clients and team members – to which he succeeds time and time again. When not working to build this incredible brand, he loves to travel with friends and family, striving for adventure and exploring new places.

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