What is a Volvo PST?

Dedication to providing an exemplary customer experience has always been important to Volvo, and keeping the symbiosis of the concept of the Volvo Retail Experience, we strive to provide world-class service both before and after the sale to customers.

When you book service with Rola Volco Cars, our customers receive thier own dedicated Personal Service Technician (PST). Someone who will take care of everything related to your car - from booking your appointment to carrying our your service, and answering any questions you may have.
Having a single person in charge of the whole process makes your workshop visit easier, faster and more personal. A specialist who gets to know you and your car and knows what it take to keep it working as youe expect. This direct line of communication between the customer and the repairer further eliminates a broken-telephone-effect and ensures that value adding requirements can be planned for, performed correctly, and communicated to the customer after the service

With a Volvo Personal Service Technician, you always have an expert at hand - improving your experience and ensuring youe vehicle performs saefly and securely. And as Rola Volvo's dealer principal, Ryan Chapman says, the Personal Service Technician is "the cornerstone of the human-centric-approach'.

Find our more about Rola Volvo Cars and our dedication to the Volvo Swedish Experience here: www.rolavolvocars.co.za/volvo-swedish-experience

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